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My Headshave Story
Author: Anurag
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Post date: Thursday, January 6, 2011
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This is a true incidence that took place in andhra pradesh india, i'm a boy and was studying my engineering, and my cousin was studying her bsc. Medical, it was summer vacation, and i went to her home, this vacation, before leaving to her home, i thought of having a headshave at her home, as im a fetish and last year, i knew that my cousin is also a fetish, so this could be a chance, i never told her, and never i got a headshave. When i reached her home, she was alone in her home, i took my shower and daily routines, then i and my cousin, talked for about an hour, how i felt, doing my engineering and many more. Then at a shock, she told me, why don't you have a headshave, this was all i wanted, i was on cloud nine, i couldn't control my self for what i've heard, at that time, i told her that, i have a vow that, i will do darshan, in the temple near her home, with a bald head and wearing a salwar-kameez, or a saree, my Cousin was shocked to hear that, and she was also on cloud nine, as many a times when i went to her home, she told me to wear salwar-kameez, but i rejected her offer. And also completed that, she would do a darshan with a bald head, we both were on cloud nine. 

That day, we went for shopping, for taking 2 pairs of salwar-kameez, a saree and also for giving measurement for blouse for me at her tailor(and as boys don't wear women's clothings people would laugh) , and a wig for her. We went at 9:00 am and returned at 1:00 pm, and both were very excited for what is going to happen, at 3:00pm, the tailor would deliver the blouse. So, we decided to have headshavings at 3:30pm, the time came, and i removed my clothes and wore the salwar-kameez, which we brought, and i wore no undercoverings, i sat on the stool in her bathroom, and she brought her handycam, and a straight edge razor, she told, pehle tere baal gile karungi, phir ustra se poora mundwa kar doongi, aur 2-3 baar karungi, taaki poora saaf ho jae(first i'll wet your hair and will start directly with a straight edge razor and will shave it 2-3 times so that its clean shaved) i said ok and she started denuding my scalp, and i closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it, and she stopped, and i reached my hands up, and she said, its not over yet, she applied a shaving cream and with a mach3 razor, she shaved my head, as a cueball, my hairs were on my lap, and then she applied aftershave lotion, and her gentle hands on my head, i was very happy and i started to cum. I got up and changed my clothes to another salwar kameez, and i told her, its her turn now, and i changed the blades of all razors and did shave her head, as she had done to me, to a cueball. We both took bath in our respective bathrooms and i reminded her about the darshan. She told me that, as my both salwar kameez were wet of cum, so i had to wear saree. And she told that, we couldn't go to darshan bald headed, and as a boy wearing a saree, and decided to go to darshan, at evening 8:00pm.


She got ready by 7 and helped me wear the saree. And she covered her head with the pallu of her saree and i covered my head and face with the pallu of my saree. And the temple was 5 minutes walking distance from her home. The temple was small, and the pujari left the temple, as he came from far place. We went into the temple, and uncovered our heads and did the prayers. And we went back home, without covering our bald heads. I caressed her bald head and she caressed my bald head.

And at her home she told that, she wanted to shave my head for the whole month, till my vacation ends. I was happy and we took photograhs, and this was the best holidays of my life. Hope you enjoyed it.

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